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Cool dog shirts for all dog lovers

All of us who love our dogs demonstrate this with pictures of a pampered pooch adorning office desk or living rooms. And now there’s a perfect line of dog shirt t-shirts just right for all of us who really like our canine companions. The Mountain is a

Orvis memory foam dog beds review

  Orvis memory foam dog beds are made of a foam material that actually has a “memory.” Any dog bed will compress to some degree when your dog lays on it. A dog’s weight is spread out differently at key pressure points since canine anatomy differs with

How to choose the right dog bed for your dog

  Dogs sleep differently than we do The usual amount of shut-eye for dogs is 13 hours a day or so, but it’s important to realize that dogs sleep differently than we humans do. They nap often. But once they wake, they’re eager to carry out their