Ants in your plants? Get rid of them fast with Terro Liquid Ant Baits

Thousands of ants nest in our yards and gardens. We ignore them until they invade our homes through cracks and crevices from attached garages, foundation planters and gardens. Terro Liquid Ant Baits is a great product to get rid of ants quickly in just a few days.

Spring Ant Invasion
Every Spring ants invade homes and garages from nests in our yard and neighbors nearby. Standing trash in dumpsters are good food sources, but so is your home or garage. And any whiff of new food sourcs within your home or garage and the ants are off and running.

They seek the tiniest openings to enter. Every crack and crevice is like a freeway to them. If your home is attached to your garage, you should know that ants seek entry through doors, cracks in the foundation, poorly sealed skylights, walls, plumbing and electrical.

Sprays have little affect
Insect sprays provide only a temporary solution to ant invasions. They’re designed to be applied to external plumbing connections and visible cracks and crevices. They do work to a degree but won’t last long in hot, damp or low humidity conditions.

What spraying will do is force ants to regroup and search for another way into your garage and into your house or apartment. Ants in the garden have about a zillion ways to enter. You can’t spray your entire yard or garden or your neighbor’s.

Terro Liquid Ant Baits Work
As ant foragers hunt for food, the sweet liquid in Terro ant baits attracts them. They eat some and head back to the next, leaving a pheromone scent trail back to the nest, marking the route for a return trip with reinforcement workers This happens fast. Worker ants quickly swarm over, consume the bait and return to the nest.

One of the active ingredients in Terro Liquid Ant Baits is formulated to attack the basic communial nature of ants. Ants greet each other by touch. This transfers the poison to greeters who quickly spread it around the nest to the rest of the colony day and night.

The killing ingredient is formulated to kill workers slowly by interfering with their digestive system. This time delay is necessary so the workers have enough time to make several quick trips from bait to nest.

Once the poison reaches the queen, it’s sayonara

Take a look at this video on how to get rid of ants using TERRO Liquid Ant Bait by R&D director Stew Clark

Check this video to see how Terro kills common household ants:

Note how fast the feeding frenzy starts once the bait is set. Keep in mind that Terro isn’t just designed for homes, but it works well in apartments too, or schools, classrooms, homes for the elderly, city offices, movie cinemas, business offices or anywhere else ants present a problem.

Where to place Terro Liquid Ant Baits
Set your TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits in visible trails
If you use a liquid bait packet use a pair of scissors to cut off the colored stripe. Place the station where you see ant trails or scout foragers roaming about. Or directly in the path of an invading hoard’s visible fast-moving trail.

Within a short time, sometimes seconds, sometimes minutes, you’ll see a line of ants swarm around and over the bait. They quickly communicate to their worker kin about the food they’ve located. So more and more ants come out from whereever they have trails blazsed. Don’t be dismayed to see this. It means that Terro is working.

In several hours the swarming will increase where ants will cover the bait sucking up bits of it they carry back to their nest. Waves of ants will scrambled over their worker kin bodies to get at the bait.

Check this video on using Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

Garage Infestation
Here’s one about a garage infestation. You’ll see the typical trail ants follow and where the trails go, they go, usually infesting a structure and causing a nuisance.

Along exterior stairwells
And one more about an exterior stairwell and how to apply the liquid to the stair support

Around your home’s perimeter
Kill Ants with TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes

 Here’s a selection of Terro Liqid Ant Baits packets seen in these videos

Exercise a little caution when placing the bait stations
Be sure to place the bait stations, liquid applications or stakes where children can’t access them. Ditto for Fido or Fluffy. Dogs will suck up everything they come across. Cats are curious. So place the baits out of reach of outstretched paws.

Bear in mind that with 12,000 ant species lurking about, you may have more than just one waiting to pounce and invade. If you knock off one colony, another may takes it’s place. In our apartment we’ve seen 5 different specicies we’ve taken out using Terro.

Reapply in 3-4 days since the baits will dry out, especially in low humidity climates

A final word
Terro is much cheaper than hiring an exterminator. It’s easy to use and provides you peace of mind. Got ants in your plants, garden, garage or house? Use Terro and be happy again.

Highly recommened.