Get rid of ants fast with Terro Liqid Ant Baits


More than 12,000 species of ants swarm around our yards and neighborhoods. Most we ignore. But when ants invaded my home I looked for ways to get rid of them. I found a great product that get’s rid of ants fast called Terro Liquid Ant Baits. It worked perfectly, eradicating the problem in less than 3 days. And I’m very enthusiastic about it.

ans swarming in houseSpring Invasion
Come late Spring ants invade homes and garages in Southern California. Our climate, warm temps and low humidity is idea for the critters. In past years Spring invasion hasn’t been as bad as this year.

Back then I fashioned my own ant baits from peanut butter and Borax at the bottom of a couple of pill bottles. The ants were feasting in the trash dumpster and leading a trail away from it everywhere else.

I tossed the bombs in the bin and in a few days the ants vanished.

So I figured that this time I’d do the same thing. But the ants ignorted my peanut butter traps. Ditto the grease ones. I was at a loss.

For a few weeks prior to the invasion we saw small, black Argentine ant foragers roaming around on our kitchen counter tops and in our bathrooms. We smushed these. But soon after the full scale invasion began. Ants swarmed over our kitchen counter tops, stove and under the trim edge of the sink.

Sprays did little
Insect sprays provided only a temporary solution. Name brand products, namely Raid Ant Killer did work when I sprayed around plumbing connections. But this product really stank. Since temperatures were already hitting the mid 90s we could only spray at night and hope the smell would be gone by the next morning.

It wasn’t.

But all this spraying just chased the ants to a new location.

My wife’s bathroom for one.

Out came the spray again and the ants vacated. Then one night we were watching Amazon Prime Streaming in my home office when ants came swarming over me! This ended the viewing and really was disgusting. I retreated to the shower while my brave wife attacked with more spray. Again the ants vanished. The smell residue remained.

They re-appeared in our second bathroom swarming over my counter top and floor. But these were a different type, small brown critters. Spraying worked once again. But we recognized the pattern realizing that we two couldn’t win against an onslaught of thousands of ants.

That’s when I found Terro Liqid Ant Baits on Amazon. I watched a few videos by Terro company R&D Director Stew Clark about using the product and why it works.

We set out our Terro Baits
Now that we knew how the liquid ant bait works and where to place the bait stations, we separated the bait stations and cut off the red stripe with a pair of scissors. Note that you should just snip the edge of the packet red strip horizontally. Don’t cut through the strip or the liquid bait can easily leak out as you handle it.

We placed the baits where we saw ant trails or scout foragers roaming about. We put one on the kitchen counter, one in my office and one in each of the our two bathrooms.

In our kitchen the trail came from behind the dishwasher up onto the counter top and spread horizontally. I placed a liquid bait packet in the middle of the trail, spilling some onto the countertop.

We waited for the feeding frenzy to begin.
ants swarming over baitWithin seconds there was a line of ants instantly communicating “Food!” and they came rushing out from under the appliances.

Over the next several hours the swarming increased to the point where ants formed a line zeroed in on the bati packet. Ants swarmed over the bait. The first line surrounded the liquid but sticking their faces into the liquid. Some backed out. Others did not.

Succeeding waves scrambled over the bodies of their kin forming living bridges so others could climb over them into the liquid and carry it back to the nest.

How Do Terro Liqid Ant Baits Work?
As ant foragers hunt for food, they’re attracted to the sweet liquid ant bait. Then theyleave a pheromone scent trail back to the nest. This communication is rapid. Worker ants quickly swarm out, consume the bait and return to the nest.

TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits has an active ingredient that will eventually kill the workers. This ingredient interferes with the ant’s digestive system, working slowly enough so the workers have enough time left to get back to the nest and share the bait with the colony. It’s enough time for the foraging ants to make several round trips from bait to nest.

Once the ants discover the baits, leave the bait alone but make sure that all other food sources in the area are eliminated, doing away with any distractions.

Slick placement design
The Terro Liqid Ant Baits have a slick inclined ramp design that allows allow worker ants to feast and survive long enough terro bait packto carry the liquid back to the nest.

Since ants are communal creatures, they greet each other by touch. This transfers the poison to greeters who quickly spread it through the nest, delivering it to the rest of the colony. This provides the ants with a continuous supply of liquid, day and night.

Once the poison reaches the queen, it’s Hasta LA Vista! Baby.

Where to place Terro Liqid Ant Baits Stations
Place the Terro Liqid Ant Baits in or near ant trails or other areas where ants are many to behold. It’s also a good idea to stop ants in their tracks by placing additional bait stations anywhere ants may try to infiltrate your home. For best results, use all six bait stations to ensure a sufficient supply for the unsuspecting ants to feast on. Replace as the pack become depleted. And they will. And quickly too.

I’d also place the bait stations where pets or children cannot gain access to them.

Since the liquid bati packs have such a low profile, they’re easy to slip under standing appliances and kept out of sight.

A few cautions
I would put a Terro liquid bait atop a piece of paper of thin cardboard. This way if any of the liquids spills it won’t become a problem to scrub off the counter top. As my wife sternly reminded me. (She doesn’t know about the bathroom floor yet. So Shhh!)

Use care that Fido or Fluffy can’t get at the bait packets. Dogs tend to suck up everything they come across. Cats are more picky but curious. So keep the baits away from where they can get at them.

The liquid ant bait design the liquid bait from drying out which the product will do in 3-4 days, >especiallyin low humidity climates like ours in Suthern California.

Keep in mind that with 12,000 ant species running about, there s a strong possibility that you may have more than just one ant species lurking in your home.

A final Word
Terro Liqid Ant Baits work great! Our kitchen was free from ants in 3 days. My wife’s bathroom is clear. So is my home office. We’re still working on my bathroom because there are more than one species roaming about. Got rid of the one. But after 2 days we still have new foragers roaming about. So I’ll open another packet and let ‘em have it.

Terro is cheap enough to lay in a seasonal supply and much cheaper than hiring en exterminator. They’re far less messy and more effective than making your own baits.

I heartedly recommend it!