Rolling garden seats make gardening easier

seatHaving a back yard garden is wonderfully satisfying. There’s nothing better than to watch the plants you started as seedlings or small transplants grow into full maturity.A garden requires maintenance but rolling garden seats make gardening easier.

A good garden requires a bit of work
Few folks realize the amount of work that is required to grow beautiful gardens producing abundant harvests of vegetables for you table, or beauty and color from flowers. Weeding, watering, fertilizing, pruning, plucking and pest control can make even the most enthusiastic gardener lose a bit of their zeal.

That’s because most of the work involves stooping, bending or kneeling for extended periods. This is difficult, and for some, nearly impossible to do due to some limiting physical aliment. Or just plain, old age.

When I was young it was fun
When I was a wee lad and full of vim and vigor, I never could wait until Spring began so I could start my backyard garden. Unfortunately I lived in an area where the primary soil was primarily clay. And clay, for all of you who know, can be a real bear to deal with. It’s hard to dig through and break up.

Nowadays I lean toward square foot gardening  raised beds, because I control the types of soil I place in each. And their raised heights are much easier on the back.

So what could be better to work a raised bed or raised row garden but a rolling garden seat that provides comfort and eases the strain on your body.

Look for these features in rolling garden seats
Most of the garden seat carts listed here have inflatable pneumatic tires which are wide enough to steer thru soft, wet soils. The kind that you find in most backyards. Rolling garden seats are raised moving tools complete with adjustable seats and steering. The seats make it easier to maneuver through beds and rows without getting up and moving several times before you work new spot.

Weight capability can be 400 pounds
Generally these carts support a 220-300 pound individual plopped down on a tractor type swivel seat. Some models that can support 400 pounds. These rolling seats have storage compartments built in which are handy for carrying small garden tools, seeds, fertilizer and soil additives. Others come equipped with extended handles that not only allow easy steering without grabbing a low handle, but support when you get up or want to move to a different area.

Avoid plastic carts
I’d stay away from any rolling seat that doesn’t have a metal axle or metal construction. A lot of the plastic models I’ve seen look kinda cheap and funky. Several reportedly flex with a 200-pound body sitting on them. They just aren’t strong enough to do the job.

Ahhh! Memories of youth
Call me prejudiced but I like the look of these rolling garden seats too. That’s ’cause the tractor seats remind me of my youth spent working on farms. Working a tractor was a highlight of those days. And based on those days of experience I can give you a gentle word of warning. Don’t leave the seat exposed to direct sunlight and make sure you wipe off any water after rain showers. If not, you’ll get either a very hot and nasty surprise or a wet one.

Here’s a video that will demonstrate how you can use these devices. Follows is a list of several types of garden seats available for 200-400 pound folks.

Here’s the list.

Rolling Garden Seats