Kindle business books make reading easy wherever you go

Biz booksWhen it comes to starting your own business or entering the corporate world as an entry level employee your real education begins the day after you finish college. Or, if you’ve never attended, it’s the day you strike out on your own. That’s when the rubber hits the road and Kindle business books make reading easy wherever you go.

Some mentors just don’t care
You can seek out mentors to help. But many so-called “mentors” have their own agenda which consists of a check mark in thee required community service box on their to do list.

You can gain a lot more of what you need to succeed through experience. But to really complete your education, you can gain from the experience of others who have gone before you and feel compelled to share what they have learned who want to benefit you.

Not all business books are good choices
Most of these well-meaning  folks write business books. Some are good. Some not so good. Most business writing is in the ho-hum variety. While these highly qualified business people have a great deal to offer, sometimes they fail to present it in a way that doesn’t put readers to sleep.

Kindle business books are a nifty solution
Reading does take a bit of time. In this hectic gotta-do-it-now world, time is a precious commodity that we are very short on. nd no one really wants to lug around heavy business books. So one solution is to be able to have your books travel with you, wherever you go, without lugging around a heavy  briefcase or backpack.

I’m stalking about Kindle books, which I think are a great deal for the little they cost. And once you download a book on to your Kindle reader you can access it anytime. And make notes if you need to. And you will.

Check out the best business books here
So here’s a selection of the business books I think are excellent guides to succeeding in business by really trying.