Got to get me me one of these! – Volocopter 18-rotor super-drone


volocoraptorThis could be the dawn of a new age in air travel and personal mobility. The German copter company E-Volo’s CEO recently did a solo test flight of the new Volocopter, a flying machine hybrid idea born in 2010.

This is a cool drone-helicopter hybrid. It’s basically a two-seater flying machine lifted by a series of  18 drones coupled together powered by an electric engine. The radius of the drones appear to be comparable to a small Bell helicopter. Controls are easy with simple manipulation of a joystick and a few buttons.

The company claims that the Volocopter represents the “dawn of a revolution in urban mobility.” So confident in the machine’s design that company CEO Alexander Zosel took to the controls on its solo flight.

After the test flight, Zosel exclaimed: “The flight was totally awesome. The machine was absolutely reliable, there were no vibrations, it was tremendous….the first flight was simply unbelievable.”

While the maiden test was slow and slow, future tests will see the machine lift higher and fly at its top speed of 62 mph.

Check this video of the test flight.


E-Volo is looking into future markets for their drone hybrid including the air sports market, air taxi services as airport shuttles and bridge traffic nodes. I can see a need for the machine for farming, ranching, the military, search and rescue, and remote location commuting.

No information yet on what the device will cost once it goes into production. Sign me up, baby! Jetsons here we come!