Battling the bulge? Bathroom scales review

Image result for get back in shapeIf you’ve expanded a bit over the holidays, allow me to re-introduce you to some new bathroom scales. Although you most likely have a love/hate relationship with bathroom scalesfor years

For all of us who have battled the bulge during our lives we are obsessed with the thing, yet hesitate to step on it and get our current weight. I’m just like you. Been there. Done that. Still there.
analog scale

At one time there was only a few selections of mechanical scales that were based on a spring tension device that measured the amount of force or weight applied to it, and relied upon a mechanical pointer attached to a spring to give a fair presentation of what folks weighed.

The scale was invented by a British balance maker by the name of Richard Salter about 1770. Since then scales have advanced, been redesigned and repackaged in several ways eventually ending up in dieter’s bathrooms. From the simple spring scale we’ve gone full-blown digital.

That was bathroom scales then, this is now
dig scaleDigital bathroom scalesare used to measure body fat, body mass index, lean mass, muscle mass, water ratio and body weight. It’s also smart and has several other functions including smartphone integration, cloud storage and fitness tracking. They may even dial your cell phone for you, but I haven’t found that model. Not yet anyway.

It’s pretty clear that no one scale will fit everybody’s needs. So I’ve created a list of the various types by function and weight capacity. You’ll everything here from basic spring  scales to those that hum along on a digital sea of ones and zeros, from those that rest upon the floor to waist high designs which I prefer. ‘Course, that may be ’cause it’s kinda hard for me to see a floor display if you know what I mean. Some folks pinch an inch, others grab a handful.

I won’t bore you with all the current arguments about why obesity is a health risk. You’ve heard ’em all before. But to all those who simply need to track their daily weight, have at it. And for those who are set on losing weight and becoming a healthier you, you I salute and say: Go For It!

Here are links to different bathroom scales to fit your needs
Mechanical and spring scales
Digital bathroom scales
Body weight scales
Body composition monitors
Body fat monitors


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