The best Thanksgiving dinnerware china for your holiday table

turkey chinaWhen I sold vintage collectibles online, I was always drawn to the beauty of fine china obtained from yard and estate sales. I developed a feel for the really good best Thanksgiving dinnerware unlike what passes for everyday dinnerware.

Unlike the process of choosing Thanksgiving serving platters based on how you use one, fine china dinnerware is definitely a choice based on design and beauty that catches your eye.

Thanksgiving  is a very special time of year, so it make sense that you buy the best china you can afford to. Bone china is one, fine porcelain is another.

Fine porcelain

Fine porcelain is formed from a hard, white, kaolin and feldspar paste. Kaolin is a white clay made from a quartz, feldspar and mica pegmatite mix that remains white and translucent when fired.

Bone china

Bone china is made from a medium porcelain paste with added calcified bone ash to make it strong, durable and bacteria resistant. Josiah Spode was the first to use this method in 1794  and his Spodefine china  line still continues today. To test for this fine china’s quality, hold a plate up to light and you’ll see your finger’s shadow.  Tap it ligtly and it sounds a nice tone.

The bone ash in the mix results in it having high whiteness and translucence. Quality is achieved by based how much bone is in the mix. High-quality is 30%–45%. bone.


Why Thanksgiving is special

Thanksgiving is a gathering of family and friends sharing a meal and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s an occasion for you to display your best china matched to your flatware and glassware. This formal  setting signifies how special your get-together is. It adds class and warms the hearts of your guests who will know that they are special appreciated people in your life.


Why fine china is your legacy

Fine china can be passed down as a family heirloom. By buying the best you create a legacy collection to pass down later. Since fine china is durable it can handle being passing on over the course of several generations. Those who inherit your legacy will feel special as well.


Fine china dinnerware appreciates over time

When you choose a unique pattern that won’t become dated in a few years, the more expensive pieces hold their value. Your investment appreciates with the passing of time. The older it becomes, the more its value increases. Specific brands make the difference because not all brands of fine china are created equal. Quality varies.

So no matter if you’re starting out and need lesser quality dinnerware now,  in the long run it doesn’t matter because later on you can always trade up.


Qualities of fine china dinnerware to look for

markLook for a manufacturer’s mark on the back of each piece. This mark reflects quality and value because every manufacturer creates several lines of serving platters at different price points. If there’s no mark present, avoid the piece.




You can both use and display your fine china enjoying it for its beauty and design.

The best advice I can give is choose a style and pattern that appeals to you. A pattern’s intricacy will depend upon the “sense” you develop for it. There are no rules set in stone as to your why. If you like it, buy it.

Here are some reviews of the best china dinnerware brands

Following these few reviews, you can always click on this link Thanksgiving china dinnerware set to view more.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Noritake ‘White Scapes’ Lockleigh China – 8 place settings with serving plate and bowls

Eight elegant white china with gold trim and an embedded scrollwork five-piece place setting, 52 total pieces

  • 8 dinner plates
    8 bowls
    8 salad plates
    8 cups and 8 saucers
    8 bread & butter plates
    1 round vegetable or salad bowl
    1 oval vegetable bowl
    1 oval platter — 13 ½”
    1 set of salt & pepper shakers
    “Chip Resistant”


Luxurious Upscale Bone China Dinnerware Set 43 Piece *New Item*

  • 43 pieces
    Service for 6
    White and small light blue design with gold inlay
    Brand new design – be the first to entertain with this stunning set




Johnson Brothers His Majesty 16 Piece Set

Perfect for Thanksgiving holiday dinners. A handsome turkey’s beautiful portrait is set center stage in this multi-colored pattern revealing a proud bird displaying his tail and wing feathers surrounded by an delightful border design of fruit, flowers and foliage. Pink, yellow and green pastel toned highlights contrast with the subtle chocolate brown of the overall design.


  • By Wedgwood
    4 Dinner plates
    4 Salad plates
    4 Cereal/soup bowls
    4 Mugs


Queen’s Myott by Churchill Thanksgiving Turkey 6″ Cereal Soup Bowls, Set of 4

  • Queen’s Myott Thanksgiving pattern
    Manufactured by Churchill with Queen’s Myott Backstamp
    Brand New





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Hope this helps you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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