Best aprons for 2015

apronThe best aprons for 2015 are used in the same way as way back when. Aprons are protective garment covering the front of your body born from necessity way back when in the 12th century during Renaissance times. Back then folks washed themselves and their clothing far less frequently that we do, so things got a little …aromatic, to say the least.

Since clothing was washed now and then, someone figured out that a scrap of cloth covering the front of a person’s clothes may cut down the number of required washing, with just the scraps being washed more frequently instead.

Aprons started out as simple hand-woven linen squares or rectangles tied around a worker’s waist. Since cloth was in short supply, every bit of scrap was used with a lot of cut and patch sewing techniques involved by  home, field or trade laborers.

Aprons are still used as clothing protection in trades, on the job or in the home. The importance of aprons may have fluctuated throughout the years, but today, apron awareness and use is definitely on the rise.

Today a lot of folks wear their best aprons on special holidays
Today a lot of folks wear aprons on special holidays like Thanksgiving. In holiday kitchens, aprons serve a definite workhorse purpose, protecting garments worn underneath. Hostesses wear them for different reasons depending how involved they get in the dinner process. Home cooks wear aprons to protect their holiday outfits while cooking the holiday meal. Others who don’t cook wear aprons as more decorative accents, worn at cocktail parties and the like, where design becomes far more important than function.

Whatever the reason why you wear your aprons, know that there are about a gazillion different designs created by trade craft individuals who love to design and sew new stuff. They sell their aprons at crafts stores, at swap meets and online. Companies take these designs and mass produce them for sale in retail outlets and online.

The best aprons have design changes that are on-going
One thing is certain, apron design changes are on-going. What’s in for this year may be passé the next. But there are also evergreen designs that never go out of style. Why you wear aprons is entirely up to you. Everyone has a different reason. Most folks own several.

My expert wife is one of those home-based trade folk who make aprons to give as gifts or sell online. So I have a good idea of the work that’s involved in making one. The design’s the thing combined with functionality. Choose yours as a working kitchen apron or one to wear on special occasions or any combination. And aprons are no longer limited to women, guys are wearing them nowadays too.

Here’s a good selection of various styles of aprons. At the end of these reviews you’ll find a link to about a thousand more. Should be something there for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Women’s Thanksgiving Apron
A pretty, yet practical apron, with 4 or 5 large pockets extending from side to side.  Thanksgiving themed chef apron made from a beautiful print featuring turkeys, pumpkins and grapes with the words “Praise and Thanksgiving”. In green, orange and purple tones, on a cream background.

  • 100% cotton
    All fabric is pre-washed
    Ties, bib top band, bottom band and lining in medium green 100% cotton.
    Adjustable “D” ring neck ties, slightly padded for a comfy fit
    Fully lined, including pockets
    Choice of long or shorter waist ties. Optional personalization available.
    Small/Medium (up to approx. size 14),
    Large (approx. size 14-18),
    X-Large (approx. size 18-22).
    Made to order” item, ready to ship in 16-20 days after purchase

3drose Happy Thanksgiving Black Full Length Apron
A commercial quality product made of  100% cotton with Teflon finish for added protection. 1-inch wide neck and waist ties, adjustable neck strap for full and medium length aprons.

  • 100% cotton
    Dimensions: 22-inch w by 30-inch l; image size 7.5-inch by 7.5-inch
    100-percent cotton twill
    Two waist-level patch pockets, pen pocket
    Adjustable neck strap
    Ties around the waist
    Colors: black or white

CafePress Happy Thanksgiving Apron – Standard Khaki
A Woodland Leaves print decorative chef-Style apron with pocket.  The apron’s print is white covered with leaves of assorted shapes and sizes  in auburn, brown, orange, yellow, green and steel blue colors, with some berries and acorns.100% Cotton
Measures approximately 23 inches by 33 inches
Matching print on neck straps, waist ties and pocket
Machine Washable, Tumble Dry Low
Artist: Suzanne Nicoll
Kay Dee Designs linens bring fun into the kitchen with  unique and creative kitchen apron designs to match every home decor from the coast-to-coast and more.

Click this link Thanksgiving aprons for additional selections and styles.


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Hope this helps you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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