Get an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial

primneWhen I first heard about Amazon Prime’s claims I was skeptical. But since I’ve subscribed, every day is a day of discovery because Prime just keeps getting better and better. And now you can get an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial


FREE 2-Day and same day shipping
Consider a Prime membership to be like getting a Costco card. To recoup your membership fee, you’ll buy Costco’ s goods and products like food, gasoline and Costco generics until your savings add up to more than your card costs. It’s a little tricky to determine your savings compared to your local Mega Mart, but it can be done. Prices and deals are a lot better.

With Amazon Prime, getting a return on your initial membership investment is easy. With Prime’s FREE 2-day shipping on purchases, you save a neat $14.95 per shipment, which is Amazon’s current rate. Once you buy about 6 purchases, you’re got your investment back. And you’ll be getting free 2-day shipping for the entire year.

But free 2-day shipping isn’t all you get. You’ll also qualify for FREE Same-Day Delivery in eligible zip codes when you order $35 or more of Amazon stuff. Prime also gives discounts on  products.

Here’s what else you get with your Amazon Prime membership

Prime Video

  • Thousands of free Prime movies to view
    Access to Amazon Instant video rentals
    Access to movies offered for sale
    Free current and older TV show viewing
    Excellent video and audio quality

Prime Music

  • Music catalog offering unlimited access to over a million songs and albums at no additional cost
    Create personal playlists
    Curated playlists
    Ad-free music stations
    Plays on compatible devices including Fire phone, Fire Tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo, IOS devices, Android smartphones and tablets (v.4.0 and above), PC, Mac and the website
    Plays on  phones and tablets with the Amazon Music app installed
    Excellent video and audio quality

Prime Photo

  • Offers unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive photo storage with additional 5GB of free storage space for U.S. members

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

  • Borrow one book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library each month

Student deals and discounts

  • Six month trial deal
    Student membership  buy in at  just $49 a year

I’ll stick with Amazon Prime

I’ve only had my subscription for a short time, but I’ve already saved with free 2-day shipping offers and recouped my initial investment.

But I also enjoy their selections of music and playlists that cover nearly every genre. Prime Music is a hit with me. I listen to Prime’s playlists as I work, or create my own personalized ones with an easy click.  I can dial up any album I want in several genres at any time. I prefer classical and soft jazz when I write. And man! Do I like the audio quality.

But Prime doesn’t stop there. I also have access to video with movies or TV shows covering several genres. With new movies and TV shows being added all the time, I’m confident that I won’t run out of stuff to watch. The selections are that huge.

I’m confident that the folks at Amazon will continue to pump in R&D bucks to continually to expand and improve what Prime offers now.

Click the Amazon Prime banner below for your FREE 30-day trial


You can take a test drive before you buy. So take advantage of Amazon’s Prime deal. Even at $99 a year, a Prime membership averages out to be just $8.25 a month, a little more than what Hulu or Netflix currently charge. But those streaming services lack most of the benefits Prime offers free. And they’ll never be able to offer you FREE 2-day shipping.


So go ahead and give Prime a shot. You won’t be sorry that you did.