Choose the best turkey serving platters for your holiday table

platterWhen I was selling vintage collectibles online, I was naturally drawn to the beauty of the best turkey serving platters which I obtained from yard sales and thrift stores. Because of this experience, I developed a feel for the good stuff vrs the stuff you use everyday. And because I sometimes formed attachments to the beautiful pieces I had located, some ended up in our cabinet and not on the online sales floor.

To get the best turkey serving platters you’ll make your choice based on how you will use it. Do you prefer form over function? Then choose a thicker, less ornately designed piece. If you prefer form, then get the best platter that appears to you.

Folks I know have combined several form or function platters they use interchangeably. The main consideration for your Thanksgiving platter is to get one big enough to comfortably handle the size of the bird you’re roasting.

By comfortable I mean is that the bird can’t overlap or overwhelm the platter. Overwhelming means there’s no room left for additional decoration and carving is more difficult.

You’ll need to pick a pattern that not only matches your personal tastes but complements the dinnerware you already have.


Two types of fine china used in the best turkey serving platters

Fine porcelain
Fine porcelain is made from a white, hard paste made of kaolin and feldspar. Kaolin is a white clay made from a feldspar granite and pegmatite mix that remains white and translucent when fired.

Bone china
Bone china is made from a paste that’s somewhere between hard and soft paste porcelain adding calcified bone ash to make it stronger and more durable. It’s durable and bacteria resistant. This method was first marketed in 1794  by Josiah Spode with the Spode brand continuing to today. When you hold this china up to the light you can see the shadow of your fingers. And it make a nice tone when lightly struck.

Bone ash results in the china having a high whiteness and translucence. Quality is based on how much bone is in the mix. High-quality has a minimum of 30% bone but can be as high as 40–45%.


Both of these china types are expensive, delicate and breakable. So why buy the good stuff? For several reasons.

Special Occasion Holidays
Since the Thanksgiving Holiday is primarily a family and friends gathering, most folks lay out their best. Fine china makes holiday dinners special, especially when matched to your flatware, glassware and dinnerware. These elements combine to create a formal holiday setting, a special get together. Fine china adds class to your table, warming the hearts of your diners who know that you consider them to be special people appreciated by you as host to use your best stuff.

Fine china comes in several different patterns and styles to march your personal taste.  Saving it to use only during special holidays complements your home and marks you as a person of taste.

Your best china can be passed down as heirlooms. Since not all families have had china passed down, you can create your legacy by buying pieces now to pass down later. If a legacy is your goal, buy quality.

With the vintage china I dealt with, there was always something special about fine china with history and age behind it. It’s something you come to appreciate that adds beauty to your table. Fortunately fine china is durable enough so it can handle this handing down process over several generations.

Keep in mind that your pattern will continue to reflect upon you over time, so choose one that will won’t become dated in just a couple of years. When you invest in the really fine stuff, the more expensive pieces will hold their value and aesthetics far longer. It’s an investment that will appreciate over the years. The longer you keep it, the more its value increases. Knowing brands is important because not all brands of fine china are created equal.

Some folks invest purely from an aesthetic point of view. They like quality and have the means to buy what they want. Others may be starting out and need a quality serving platter at the lower end of the scale. This matters little in the long run. You can always trade up later.

Always look for the manufacturer’s mark on the back of the piece.  This mark insures that the piece reflects quality and value because each manufacturer creates lines of serving platters for different price points and functionality. You just need to choose which of these you want on your table.

Aesthetic beauty
Fine china can be displayed and enjoyed for its beauty and design, adding to your home’s décor.

There are so many different styles, shapes, and colors of fine china serving platters and sets that the best advice I can give is for you to choose a style, pattern and aesthetic that appeals to you and stick with it. How intricate the pattern you choose will depend upon the “feel” you have for it. Some folks prefer less intricate designs while others like the most detailed one they can find. There are no set rules as to why. If you like it, buy it.

One other reason to buy the best you can afford is that fine china is an art form, complete with with intricate and elegant design pedigrees. It’s also a multi-tasker, combining beauty with functionality. You are use it to serve or be displayed in a china cabinet. Or both.

Here’s a list of the best turkey serving platters brands 
These are listed in no particular order. It’s important to view what each piece looks like compared to others including your own for the best match.

Villeroy & Boch
Royal Albert
Johnson Brothers
Royal Worcester
Portmeirion Pottery
Vista Alegre
Homer Laughlin China Company
Gorham Manufacturing Company
Nikko Ceramics
Sur La Table
Strawberry Street
Red Vanilla
Lorenzo Import
Fairmont and Main
CGS International, Inc.
Paula Deen
Thompson Pottery
Signature Housewares
Lorren Home Trends
Royal Doulton
Certified International
Villeroy and Boch

A few turkey serving platter reviews

Queen Victoria Turkey Platter

This is the Queen Victoria Turkey Platter Trimmed in 24k gold 18 inches long x 14 1/2 inches wide. Queen Victoria Patter


EXCELSIOR: Oval Turkey Platter

From the EXCELSIOR Deruta Dinnerware collection. This serving platter has a
fine and intricate design exclusively available only in the USA.

  • Product Size (Inches): 16.5W.X12.5H.
    100% Food Safe –
    Dishwasher Safe
    Artistica’s Exclusive Product fully handcrafted and hand-painted in Italy!
    Inspected and tested for compliance with FDA standards


Lenox China Capital Gardens Large 16″ Serving Platter
This serving platter has a simple but elegant beauty.
Large 16″ in diameter
Fine ivory china decorated in 24k gold


Lenox Eternal White Gold Banded Bone China 13 Oval Platter

  • Platter measures 13-1/2 by 10 by 1-1/4 inches
    Crafted of Lenox ivory fine china
    Accented with 24 karat gold
    Dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup
    Measures 13-1/2 by 10 by 1-1/4 inches
    Features a 24-karat gold 1/4-inch rim complemented by a narrow interior gold band
    Sloped sides, flat bottom, and shallow foot
    Comfortable to carry and easy to serve from
    Covered by Lenox’s lifetime replacement policy


Lenox China Capital Gardens Large 16″ Serving Platter 
This lovely pattern has a beautiful intertwining flower’s and scroll’s border known as British Flower’s, an historic pattern dating back to 1831.

  • Xxtra large serving dish perfect for turkey, ham, or roast rip of beef.
    17.5 Inch Length, 11.5 Inch Wide
    Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
    Made of high quality Porcelain
    Mix and Match with Spode Woodland Pattern

Royal Stafford Turkey Oval Platter, 35cm
This service platters design was compiled from old engravings found in the factory.
Made in the UK

  • Dishwasher and microwave Safe
    Measures 13.5 inches
    Royal Stafford has been in business for 167 years; British Design and Manufacture
    Versatile traditional and contemporary inspired design
    Heirloom quality
    Durable glaze, fired to 2066 degree F the same as porcelain


A final word
When it comes to turkey serving platters beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. These platters are made at all price points and design styles. What may look plain may belie the actual cost of an item, as you’ll see when you click on the links of the ones I reviewed above.

But turkey serving platters are many to behold. If you want to take a gander at more for comparisons, just click this link:
Turkey platters

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Hope this helps you.

And have a Happy Thanksgiving!