Best knife sharpeners review


All of us who spend time in the kitchen preparing meals know the value of a good, sharp knife. And the best knife sharpeners can keep them that way.

Dull knives are dangerous to use because they require more force to cut into something. This additional force you apply often causes the knife to slip off the item you’re cutting, or squishing a soft veggie like a tomato.

Dull knives make any cutting task a real chore. Even your best knifes will lose their edges after several uses. But sharpeners can bring dull knives back to life.

All sharpeners use an assortment of abrasive materials like tungsten carbide, ceramic steel or diamond. Most have two sharpening slots or stages because the best edges are produced in successive stages, from coarse grit to fine which puts a real nice edge on your blade.

Manual knife sharpeners
Manual types are more affordable, compact and are easily stored in a drawer. They’re generally easy to use and the better models have built in slot guides so you can hone your knife’s edge to a 10-15 degree angle. You just insert the knife into the slot and pull toward you. Some models are designed for both left and right handed folks

Electric knife sharpeners don’t provide as much control as hand-held models, but they do the job fast and easier to use. They’re also larger, about the same foot print or size of a toaster, and are meant to remain on your counter top.
Here are some of the best knife sharpener’s available to make your meal prep a joy to do in safety and comfort.


Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Stations
This professional knife sharpener offers breakthrough sharpening technology for all your sharpening needs in a compact appliance. It sharpens, steels or strops all knife brands and types very quickly, including straight edge, serrated, kitchen, Asian style, sports and pocket knives

Three stage sharpening makes it quick and easy to get a “factory” edge
Stage 1 sharpens the edge with diamond abrasives. Stage 2 uses a super-hardened miniature steel that develops a shave-sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth, yielding superior edge “bite.” And stage 3 uses a patented, flexible stropping disk that polishes the edge to a fine, professional sharpness.

•    Electric knife sharpener with 100-percent diamond abrasives
•    Sharpens, steels, and strops most brands and types of knives
•    Super-hardened miniature steel; flexible stropping disk
•    Angle-guides for foolproof sharpening
•    Stabilizing feet
•    Measures 10 by 10 by 4 inches
•    3-year limited warranty
•    Assembled in the U.S.A.
•    UL/ETL and Canadian Approval.
•    Built-in, high precision, user friendly angle guides for fool-proof sharpening
•    Platinum color


Wustrof has a stellar reputation for high-quality products.

This electric three-stage sharpener, is designed to sharpen the company’s Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) blades. But the machine’s cutting discs will sharpen, hone and strop your kitchen knives so they cut like they did when new.

Each slot performs one step in the three-part process of sharpening and maintaining a knife blade. The first two stages sharpen and hone the blade using 100% diamond coated abrasive disks. Stage three uses a flexible stropping disk that gives the blade a polished finish.

The Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener has been approved for use in the United States and Canada and is built to United States electrical standards.


•    Plastic housing.
•    Precision Edge Technology
•    Finish: Gray
•    Dimensions: 5″ H x 12″ W x 5″ D
•    Weight: 4.9 lbs
•    Assembled in USA


The Hybrid 210 Sharpener is a great value for a 2-stage 20° hybrid knife sharpener, performing both electric and manual sharpening tasks in stages.

This two-stage process yields razor sharp edges that restores performance and precision to your knives, yielding the sharpest edges for long, regular use. Knife guides assure perfect alignment of the blade for the best sharpening.

Stage one is a diamond electric stage designed for sharpening really dull blades that need new edges. The electrically rotated 100% diamond abrasives, does away with the dullness.

Stage two’s manual sharpener quickly hones blades that need to be refreshed for quick resharpening, making it ideal for everyday use.

•    Sharpens straight edge and serrated knives, kitchen, light sport and pocket knives
•    CrissCross Sharpening Technology produces razor sharp edges
•    2 Stage Sharpening: electric and manual
•    100% Diamond abrasive wheels sharpen any alloy
•    1-year warranty
•    Color: White

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Best electric knife sharpeners


Here are some of the best manual knife sharpener’s available.

Chef’s Choice 4623 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Manual Sharpener for Euro-American/Santoku/Serrated KnivesThis sharpener quickly and easily sharpens your quality cutlery including straight edge kitchen and household knives, Santoku, sports, pocket and serrated knives.

It’s a versatile 3-stage manual sharpener engineered to quickly restore a 20 degree edge for European and American style knives, and a 15 degree edge for Asian style knives.

Separate sharpening and honing stages quickly creates razor-sharp strong, double bevel edges that last longer using 100% diamond abrasives. It’s easy to use for right or left-handed folks with an ergonomic design fits your hand.

Slip resistant rubber feet hold the sharpener fast to your work surface. Using it, your sharpened knives will pass the ripe tomato slicing test, which means they’ll slice, not squish.

•    Synthetic body
•    Creates a super-sharp double beveled edge on your knives
•     Creates 15 degree and 20 degree edges
•    Sharpens straight edge & serrated kitchen household, Santoku & pocket knives
•    100-Percent diamond abrasives used in all 3 stages
•    Easy to use, fast and safe
•    Ergonomic handle fits all hands
•    For both right or left handed folks
•    Made in the USA


Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Sharp Duo Knife Sharpener
This knife sharpener quickly sharpens all knife brands with two-module sharpening.

Module 1 pre-sharpens your knives with steel wheels.

Module 2’s ceramic wheels restores your knife’s original edge. It works really well to quickly restore dull, blunt blades. For knives that are just beginning to lose their edge, use the second module for a quick resharpening.
Sharpening is easy
Just put the blade in the module and pull the knife toward you along the sharpening wheels. Repeat until your blade is as good as new. Even if your knives  haven’t been sharpened for years, it will take just a little time to sharpen your cutlery collection and make meal prep a real joy again.

A quick rotating adjustment and the sharpener will work well for both right and left-handed folks.

Keep the knife sharpener on your counter near your knife block, and quickly sharpen your knives just before using them so you can make quick cuts, dices and slices of vegetables and meats.

•    Lifetime warranty
•    Nonskid feet prevents  tilting or twisting
•    For both right and left-handed users
•    Quick and easy
•    Work on several different types of knives
•    Dimensions depth: 2-in by 7.5-in.wide x 2.75-in.high

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Best manual knife sharpeners

Knife sharpening makes your everyday meal prep so much easier. Sharp knives are easier to use and much safer. All of these sharpeners here will make quick work of your dullest blades, requiring just a few minutes of time to give you peace of mind.


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