Using $100 drop cards in your business marketing

While regular drop cards are a popular marketing tool , $100 drop cards are more effective, because they look like real folded money and are irresistible. Prospects just gotta pick ‘em up. Denominations include $20. $50 and $100 with $100 drop cards being the most popular.

$100 bill 2

$100 drop cards are a great tool for any marketing program. They’re great for lead generation and increasing sales.

$100 drop cards work in just about any business
They work well for MLMs, direct sales and just about any business with a field staff including service business owners and their employees, salespeople or truck drivers.

The $100 drop cards concept is similar to regular drop cards, but with some differences. For direct sales or MLMs, what works best is just 2-3 lines of copy and web-site address printed on one side of the card. Their purpose is to elicit a curiosity response from prospects who pick it up.

But with currency cards, the message can be customized. Here you want to sell the card and your message.

Let your copy and design do the work
In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, prospects respond to short message bursts. Currency design snag’s their attention.  They’ll scan your message and keep it.

In addition to 3-4 lines of copy and an 800 number, virtual office or business contact information, you can add a logo, image of a sales or contact person, coded special coupon offers, discounts for big ticket items and coded coupon percentage off deals to track a card’s effectiveness.

BC too much copyBut don’t cram so much copy that it becomes hard to read. Don’t pack in your company’s history. A single tagline will do. Busy cards crammed with tiny print will get your card tossed.