New Telebrands Ultra Pocket Hose still a winner

Telebrands has responded to customer complaints about the performance of their original Pocket Hose and developed an improved model called the Telebrands Ultra Pocket Hose. The good news is that the new and improved Pocket Hose Ultra will still make your home and garden watering job easier. It should last a lot longer too, because several of the original hose’s shortcoming have been eliminated.

The shrunken hose is still a wee too big to comfortably fit in your pocket or palm of your handPocket hose in hand
But the new version retains its major shrinking feature, and it’s still easy to use and store where in minimum storage space.

The new model also is available in 25, 50, 75 and 100-foot lengths, and  the same lifetime money back guarantee.


Richard KarnActor Richard Karn, AKA  Al Borland on the Home Improvement TV show is still the wildly enthusiastic spokesman in TV infomercials.

Improvements to the original design make the Pocket Hose even better
The Pocket Hose Ultra is designed like a fire hose and made of two layers. One is an expandable rubber inner core, and the outer a folded protective outer cover. The  flexible hose resists kinking, bursting and there is no flow loss when folded or twisted.

The original Pocket Hose biggest downside was plastic connectors, weaker than regular hose metal ones. This issue has been fixed. The new Ultra hoses come with newly designed plastic connectors, claimed to be three times stronger.

Other improvements include

  • Solar stripes protect from damaging UV rays, extending hose life
  • Double layer construction resists rips
  • Tight seal technology prevents leaks
  • Elastomer inner layer improved
  • Outer layer more resistant to rips or breakthroughs

Some downsides still remain
Repairs to the hose still can’t be made should it be damaged or develop leaks
It’s still vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays, so store it out of direct sunlight, don’t let it lay around in the yard under pressed or hang it on a spigot.

The original shut off valves were flimsy, frequently breaking. Hopefully this problem is now resolved, although the company doesn’t seem to be saying much about

Recommendation – a very useful hose for your yard and gardening needs
Lightweight, flexible and convenience make the hose a winner, living up to its advertising.  Great for container gardens and square foot boxes in your yard or on your patio or deck where a directed flow of water is required. Lightweight means the elderly and disabled can benefit from it too.