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Now that holidays have come and gone, it’s time for you to re-evaluate you. If you used to be proud of your body, but now avoid mirrors and window reflections, then it’s time to commit to a new, healthy lifestyle.

unhappy dieterThese magazines can help get you back in shape. Each one is a mini health guide to attaining and maintaining good health that teaches you with quality content, examples and illustrations about what the proper exercise regimes and healthy foods to eat.

No matter if you’re starting over or have a health condition like diabetes or gluten intolerance and must be careful about what you eat, knowledge is key. Make these magazines yours and you’re on your way to a better, healthier and thinner you.

Men’s Health All Access
Men’s Health isn’t a magazine designed for couch potatoes, but is a practical and positive lifestyle magazine for active men who want to make their lives healthier and happier. Each issue is packed with quality content covering fitness, dating, relationships, sex, sexual boredom, nutrition, careers, grooming, travel, style and health.

Top journalists provide information about trends in mens fashion, healthy fast food restaurant choices, and the activities and exercises that pro athletes use to stay in shape.

Features written by female writers answer your questions from a woman’s perspective. There are motivational strategies and solutions for the chaos, confusion, or suffering you endure inflicted by the world, including belly fat, fathead bosses, exercise plateaus, workout excuses, fast-food downsides and wine list decisions.

Each issue, has a pullout workout poster with daily reminders to hang in your home or office to focus on the simple things to improve your health and stay healthy, like proper amounts of exercise, sleep and healthy food combinations to eat and enjoy.

Women’s Health
Women’s Health encourages a holistic approach to health written for today’s active, youthful women who desire a healthy, active lifestyle.

Content provides practical, actionable advice on your emotional, mental and physical needs to improve all aspects of your lifestyle, including sound nutrition, weight loss, recipes, affordable products, beauty, style, love, sex, relationships and effective fitness regimens.

A regular feature Eat This! provides easy tips to replace current meals with healthy alternatives, whether you cook at home or grab something on the go.

Eating Well
EatingWell is an award-winning publication where good taste meets good health, focusing on healthy eating habits for the entire family.

It features delicious and nutritious recipes illustrated with colorful photo layouts, covering a wide variety of topics like the origins of your favorite foods, organic production methods, and expert general nutrition information.

Content written by science professionals and health conscious writers provides an informative balance of must-have cooking and nutrition features including how to create wholesome, simple-to-prepare tasty meals using fresh, readily available ingredients that will delight your taste buds, shopping tips, healthy-in-a-hurry menus and entertaining.

There are recipes for new breakfast ideas, slow cooking, and desserts, articles on preventing holiday weight gain, foods that boost metabolism, healthy budget dinners, and dangerous ingredients you may be unaware you’re eating. Interested in growing your own salad or wondered about the healthiest method to prepare Buffalo wings? Then make EatingWell your doorway to better health.

Health is more than just a magazine, but a trusted ally for today’s health and fitness conscious women who embrace healthy living lifestyles.

Content presents issues and concerns that influence your overall sense of well-being providing key information on your very personal quest for health. Articles cover beauty, fitness, diet, energy, and vitality.


Men’s Fitness
Men’s Fitness is every man’s ultimate guide to maintaining peak fitness to stay in shape, and ensure a healthy, active lifestyle.

No matter what shape you’re in, from couch potatoes who want to get in shape and slim down, to fitness veterans who appreciate exercise and clean living, Men’s Fitness offers understanding and encouragement.

Well-written content focuses on healthy eating as a lifestyle, providing advice about good foods to eat and what to avoid, harmful dieting fads, choosing supplements, losing weight to slim down or how to add muscle to bulk up, exercise regimens, and diet plans with recipes and menus for adding good nutrition to your daily meals.

Product reviews give you  buying guidelines for the best gear to enhance your workouts and  training.

Articles cover building muscle and endurance, dating and sex advice, fitness news, sports, fashion, interviews, and travel, along with success stories of others who overcame liabilities that provides the motivation you need. If you want to look and feel your best, Men’s Fitness is the magazine for you.

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is written for women committed to change who want an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Each issue offers great, practical advice on health, fitness, fashion, beauty, food and losing weight, so you can eat better, feel healthier and enjoy lifelong health.

Healthy recipes from quick meals to delicious, tasty desserts will add variety and interest to your diet, because they’re easy to make, and offer nutritional and calorie serving information.

Features offer inspirational weight-loss success stories from others who have been there to help you keep motivated, fitness tips that fit into your busy lifestyle to fashion and beauty tips. Stay healthy with Weight Watchers.

Cooking Light
Cooking Light is the novice or experienced cook’s trusted resource on cooking healthy, nutritious and delicious foods, by providing a, everyday living or special occasion variety of kitchen-tested recipes.

Lively, well-written content offers detailed how to use tools and cooking techniques illustrated with photography so every dinner you make will be an award winner.

There are quick and easy recipes made with ingredients readily available from your local grocery store.

Reviews provide solid information about food products, tools, equipment, gadgets and popular travel destination cuisines and wines.

A Menu Navigator helps you to select the best restaurant foods. New Uses for Everyday Ingredients offers uncommon uses for everyday pantry ingredients. Features offer the best of holiday cooking, seasonal cuisines, and celebrity profiles of famous world chefs and food personalities.

Gluten-Free Living

Gluten-Free Living is a full-color publication dedicated to helping the 30-70% gluten intolerant Americans create a healthy gluten-free lifestyle to prevent or regulate the many diseases associated with gluten intolerance.
Each issue offers quality content answering your questions about nutrition, decoding food ingredients and deciphering food labels.

Recipes and menus provide eating guidelines and so you can live healthy. Articles provide advice on dining out, casual and fast foods, everyday living, the challenges offered by uninformed family and friends, and major milestones like maintaining a healthy pregnancy and life-long healthy lifestyle in a gluten-filled world.

Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Times offers quality information about living a vegetarian lifestyle by eating green and living smart.
Quality content is written for die-hard vegans or those who love trying different kinds of food.

There are seasonal menus and healthy, delicious, mouth-watering alternative recipes that you can make with detailed instructions for each illustrated with color photography.

Articles written by wellness experts, doctors and nutritionists cover political issues, health and research news, current advice on diet, exercise and nutrition, identifies healing foods, nourishing fruits and nutritious vegetables.

There are interviews, information about international events, animal cruelty and the harmful side effects of consuming diets with animal products, books and product reviews of the latest eco-friendly products.

If you’re a strict vegan or would like to add more green nutrition to your diet, Vegetarian Times will provide everything you need to know to eat a healthy diet and live well.

SELF All Access

Self is every active, educated, and sophisticated woman’s guide designed to help you live, look and feel your best. Well-written content by qualified experts covers physical fitness, diet, food and fashion to beauty. Features offer stimulating advice about money and career management.

Diabetic Living

Diabetic Living is dedicated to those who have diabetes, providing you and your family members quality information needed to make the best daily health care decisions. Quality content offers diabetes-friendly recipes, health information, fitness, weight loss tips and real stories about diabetic lifestyles.


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