Orvis dog beds offer a wide variety to fit your dog’s needs


Dogs need 13 hours of sleep a day. Orvis Dog Beds insure your dog’s health by providing a quality sleep experience. The company’s dog beds are available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, colors and price for every budget, and can be used indoors, outdoors or even in your car or truck.

Dog bedOrvis has been making dog beds since 1976, when founder Leigh H. Perkins, a  passionate outdoors enthusiast, introduced their first dog bed, called the Dog Nest Dog Bed. Up to that time, dog beds consisted of blankets or old sofa cushions tossed on the floor.


Leigh H. Perkins

Orvis believes that a dog’s health depends upon the quality of his sleep. Since introducing the Dog Nest, they’ve expanded production, offering a wide variety of dog beds in several styles, types, sizes and colors to fit your budget and your dog’s size and sleep behavior.
dog sleepDog sleep is more than a canine power nap
As an owner, you know your dog sleeps a lot. In fact, dogs sleep on the average of 13 hours a day and have different sleep needs than us.

Humans sleep an average of eight hours at a stretch on a comfortable, raised bed, high off the floor.

Dogs nap often at floor level. But once they wake from one of these canine power naps, they’re raring to go and carry out the tasks that we assign them to do, be it guarding our property, herding livestock, being a companion, or any combination of these.
Dog sleep is a restoring way of life
To a dog sleep isn’t just nap time, but a way of life that restores and rejuvenates.

The amount of quality sleep a dog needs depends upon the amount of activity and exercise he gets during the day.

Constrained dogs living in apartments or homes may require more sleep than a hard-working dog like a Border Collie sheep-herder, mostly because they become bored.

But no matter the environment, dogs adjust their sleep cycles to match their human masters’ activity levels. Good comfortable sleep ensures their health and well-being.
Orvis has quality, luxurious dog beds perfect for ensuring your pet’s health
Orvis has developed a line of quality, luxurious dog beds perfect for ensuring your pet’s health and pampering your pooch. The type of bed you need  depends upon your dog’s breed, size, weight, and special needs, especially if he suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis or other age-related problems.

Orvis dog beds come in several colors, styles shapes, sizes and materials, one of which will be just perfect for your home’s décor. Here’s just a few.

Just like human mattresses, these beds are made of a foam with a built-in memory.

This means that it rebounds to its original shape after the weight it supported was removed as your dog makes his exit. Four inches of memory foam provides extra support and comfort in a great-looking design, with a removable and washable cover and a water-resistant liner.

Not all dogs live inside. Some owners prefer that they stay outside. And this bed is perfect for active, outdoor dogs.

They’re crafted with durable 600-denier polyester canvas cover. Denier polyester is a specially treated man-made fiber having threads twisted 600 times per inch that prevents water absorption. The dog bed fill also does not absorb water, and its cover can be wiped or rinsed off with a hose for easy cleaning, or easily removed for washing.

A bolster is a tufted pillow that wraps all around the top edge of the bed. It provides a soft pillow-like platform on which a dog can rest his head, allowing him to see out and gain a sense of security and support, or snuggle his backside against it for sweeter sleep.

Like to travel with Fido? This bed makes traveling easy on him and you. It has a microfiber hammock seat cover seat design that catches loose dirt and sand before it ends up on your car seat fabric, rugs and floors. It’s water resistant and washable.


These are only a few of Orvis’ line of quality dog beds. Here’s some more