Orvis memory foam dog beds review


Orvis memory foam dog beds are made of a foam material that actually has a “memory.”
Any dog bed will compress to some degree when your dog lays on it. A dog’s weight is spread out differently at key pressure points since canine anatomy differs with each breed. So it’s important for his weight to be fully supported at these pressure points. And that’s what memory foam beds are designed to do. Just like similar beds do for us.
Memeory foam construction

The differences between Orvis memory foam beds and regular beds
The main difference between Orvis memory foam dog beds and regular dog beds is that the 4-inch thick high density memory foam “rebounds” to its original firmness and shape once your dog exits it, unlike the cheaper, less dense fiber-filled beds that don’t.

The foam cushion “gives” just enough to accommodate your pet’s unique shape as he lies on it, providing comfort from hard floor surfaces  for your dog’s joints and muscles. It also helps to regulate his body temperature, keeping him comfortable. Since your dog will climb in and out of his bed several times a day, these beds are built for durability and will stand up to years of use.

These memory foam beds are designed to be low to the ground to make it easier for elderly or injured pets to easily climb in and out. They come equipped with removable waterproof covers that protect the cushion beneath in the event of “accidents.”

Orvis make several styles of memory foam beds. Some offer a personalization  option so you can have your dog’s name embroidered into the side to make it his own.

Deep Dish dog beds are shaped like an open-ended dish and resemble a couch. But that’s where the similarity ends. A tufted bolster collar provides support and security to a dog’s backside that he can press and snuggle into.

These wraparound dog beds provide a silky smooth surface.

Round wrap-arounds provide an enclosed circle that “wraps” around the dog as he lays on it, providing an increased sense of security.

Features of  Deep Dish dog beds

  • Colors light brown, sage, hunter green, mahogany, slate, grey tweed, brown tweed
  • Thickness 4 inches
  • Sizes include small, medium, large and extra large
  • Extra length accommodate multiple dogs or dogs who stretch out
  • Covers are removable and machine washable
  • Water-resistant liner

Here is what a satisfied customer said about the Deep dish dog bed:

“I feel it was worth the price. I don’t expect having to replace this bed for a long time. Our lab seems to be comfortable in it. He also lays on our sofa which has the Orvis micro fleece throw on it. We have a new sofa coming and are hoping he will choose his bed and not the new sofa. I am happy with this purchase.”

This memory foam dog bed is made for ultimate comfort. The bedding is fleece and has a water-resistant liner designed to keep the foam clean and dry, which helps prevent order build up.
Here’s what this buyer said about the Orvis Dream Lounger:

“We bought this bed despite being very expensive, well worth the price. Our dog loved it from the beginning. She can stretch out fir the first time at full length which I believe is beneficial for an older dog. I love it as I can hoover it to get rid of hair, dirt, sand etc, making it really easy to keep it nice and clean. Very pleased with the bed.”

Dream Lounger dog bed features

  • Colors light brown, sage, slate, brown tweed
  • Thickness 4 inches
  • Sizes include small, medium and large
  • Extra length accommodates multiple dogs or dogs who stretch out
  • Covers are removable and machine washable
  • Water-resistant liner

Here’s a selection of quality Orvis Proeducts

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