Orvis dog bed hammock is great for traveling with your dog

Like to travel with Fido? An Orvis dog bed hammock for your car or truck makes traveling easy on you and your dog. As you know, dogs are not very discriminating about where they walk or what they roll in. They love to walk through puddles, dig in the mud and roll on just about anything they come across, alive or dead.

Problems with Fido
If you’ve been transporting your dog from home to the park or woods for exercise, Image result for dog rolling in grassyou know that he really likes it. But he comes back dirty and his paws and fur seem to grab dirt, grass, weeds, mud and sand like magnets.

Most of this stuff is deposited on your seats and floor, and then works its way deep into seat and floor fabrics, as your dog happily leaps about while you drive.

And since most dogs shed fur, these hairs dig into your car seat fabric and are a pain to pluck out and remove.

Until of course, a friend or family member sits on the seat, and then the dog hair and dirt magically sticks to their clothing.

A dog bed hammock is your solution
Orvis dog bed hammocks solve these problems. They convert your car or truck’s backseat, into a safe travel area for your dog. The microfiber material captures loose dirt, sand, mud, weeds and other materials. Since it’s water resistant, you won’t have to worry about muddy prints left on the seat.

Here’s some product specs

  • Colors light brown, gray, tan or slate to match your vehicle’s interior
  • Sizes include large, extra large and one that fits bucket seats
  • Fully machine washable
  • Installation is easy
  • You just hook the dog hammock it to the front and rear headrests. To keep the cover from slipping, secure it by pulling seat belts through the hook-and-loop openings

One downside
Dog hammocks are not suitable for vehicles lacking a headrest, because these height adjustable headrests lock in the cover so it stays secure. And as far as I can tell, they can’t prevent Fido from slobbering on your car’s side or rear windows either.

Here are other benefits an Orvis dog hammock provides:

  • Safety – your dog won’t fall into the space between the seats upon rapid braking or deceleration
  • Makes the dog more comfortable
  • Enhances your driving experience
  • Durable – resists tearing, fraying or rips from toenails
  • Accommodates bigger dogs who like to stretch out
  • Controls the spread of hair, dirt, mud and dander
  • Washable

Here’s what a satisfied customers said:

“Orvis! I bought the XL hammock and it fits well in the back seat of our GMC Truck. My dogs were safe and had room to stretch out. I washed the hammock once and hung it outside to dry. It looks like new! Thanks Orvis for a job well done!”

And here’s what another said about her smaller dog hammock:

“This hammock is fabulous. It keeps our English Cocker from falling into the well, if we have to brake suddenly, and it also prevents his leaping into the front seat. The padding is nice, too.”

So if you want safety and comfort for your dog so you can enjoyable travel with Fido, check out an Orvis Dog Hammock today. Your dog will love you for it!

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