Cooking magazines make great gifts


Cooking magazines make great gifts for both experienced and wannabee cooks. These are the best for cooks at all levels of expertise, who share a love of cooking and enjoyment of food.

You’ll fine magazines offering step-by-step detailed instructions for the beginner, to time saving tips for busy career women, to fine cooking techniques for seasoned stay-at-home  mom chefs. Any of these magazines will make a great gifts.


Food Network Magazine is the premier food magazine featuring recipes for food lovers and fans of all ages and culinary abilities, from Food Network’s enthusiastic, talented, celebrity TV chefs, reflecting their fun-loving attitudes and playful sensibility.

Recipes are illustrated in stunning color designed to inspire, written in a casual style that presents the facts, yet remains easy to read.

There are behind-the-scene looks at food shows and kitchens.

Reviews of kitchen tools, food products, new restaurants and the best foods in America.

Special sections abound, including Copy That, where celebrity chefs recreate dishes from popular restaurants; Out Of The Box, in which chefs create meals from a grocery list; and Weeknight and Weekend Dinners that provides inspirational recipes. Each issue is packed with several tips from food-related scenarios to green cooking.

If you’re a home cook novice with a burning desire to learn expert techniques without investing a fortune in cooking schools, Cook’s Illustrated is for you.

This magazine is dedicated to providing you an education about cooking well. It offers detailed, illustrative photography and clearly written step-by-step instruction so you can make mouth-watering American culinary creations from pot roast to chocolate chip cookies.

Instructions show you how to recreate delicious recipes developed in Cook’s Illustrated’s test kitchen, and how to techniques like braising or carving meats, slicing vegetables and creating garnishes.

You’ll save money because you won’t need to buy exotic or pricey ingredients, since each recipe offers everyday product substitutes. There are reader tips presented by those that have been there and know the challenges of cooking alone, cookbook and new kitchen gadget reviews. And all of this is provided without a single page of advertising.

If you love watching Rachael Ray cook then Everyday with Rachael Ray is a magazine that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

It’s the busy home cook’s go-to-guide for great food, fun and inspirational ways of relaxing and enjoying life.

Each issue’s content features Rachel’s famous 30-Minute Meals, weeknight menu planner, $10 dinners and her preferences for fun, beauty, style and home  Plus there are hundred’s of food and entertaining tips. Everyday with Rachael Ray brings you into the world of smart entertaining, delicious food and spur of the moment travel.

Eating Well serves up a delicious, flavorful balance of good taste and health, with a variety of delicious quick and healthy recipes to wake up your taste buds.

Each issue’s content has crisp, fresh and new cooking must-have nutritional features written by top nutritional science professionals and health conscious writers.

There are how to articles on preventing holiday weight gain, metabolism boosting foods, budget dinners, and dangerous ingredients you may be eating.

Look for tasty seasonal simple-to-prepare recipes easy to make with fresh ingredients readily available at your local grocer. Colorful photos illustrate what your finished recipe recreation should look like. Also offered are smart shopping tips, fresh food world news from the world of food, and nutrition science.

Food & Wine is written for the average food lover who delights in tasty gourmet foods and drink, not the self-appointed snobby epicurean rendering judgment from on high.

Content includes exciting recipes for soups, salads, pasta, bread, meats and mouthwatering desserts designed for chef hobbyist or experienced restaurateur.

There are useful articles, features and regular columns written by the best chefs and food industry experts, product reviews of  handy tools that belong in every kitchen, to rundowns of the world’s most exciting new liquors and wines.

Regular columns provide guidance on selecting the best foods and beverages, kitchen basics, wine guides, fast recipes, entertaining tips, new foods to try and foodie news. Food destinations covered include ordinary places, like Water Valley, Mississippi, to exotic locales like New Orleans or Naples, Italy.

Fine Cooking is a joy to read because it provides techniques and recipes to create a variety of great-tasting foods, from side dishes to vegetarian entrees.

Each issue includes numerous unique and tasty recipes, as well as tips and guidelines to ensure that each recipe you try at home turns out as beautiful and tasty as it appears in the magazine’s photos.

Its quality content is all about delicious, everyday recipes, party ideas, holiday dishes and helpful how to cooking tips and advice for the beginnger to improve basic cooking skills, to you more experienced cooks wishing to perfect a particular technique or recipe.

Lavish colorful photos illustrate all. There are time-saving, quick and easy recipes that can be prepared and served up within thirty minutes for busy professionals.

Cooking With Paula Deen is Southern chef and beloved restaurateur Paula Deen at her best, presenting delicious usually heavy-on-the-butter easy-to-follow recipes for dinner preparation in twenty-five minutes or less.

The magazine provides insider scoops, stories, entertaining tips, holiday food stockpiling ideas and cooking  tips. All delivered with Paula’s trademark folksy, warmth and humor. The only thing missing is her heart-warming, cackling laugh.

Since 1956 Bon Appetit has been America’s #1 food and entertaining magazine for anyone who loves cooking.

Each issue is well-written and illustrated, filled with delicious time-saving recipes, great menus, simplified world class restaurant dishes, dinner suggestions and elegant entertaining ideas.

Every issue offers a Cooking School section, presenting clearly-written and well-illustrated ideas and instruction. A wine review and recommendations section rounds out its world-class offering.

If you’re a heat-seeking chili head who craves sizzling, flavor-filled spicy zestyness in your food, then Chile Pepper is for you, cause it will fire up your taste buds.

It features folks from Baton Rouge to Bali who must have tasty heat in their foods, beverages and desserts.

Chile Pepper offers fiery recipes. from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and American Cajun, Texan and Southwestern cuisines. Ohh-ye-yeah! Each issue reviews cooking equipment, table items, the best and hottest foods and hot chili pepper profiles.

Everybody loves really good food, and for more than 25 years Cookbook Digest has been delivering the best in incredible edibles, bringing you tastes of all things delicious.

The magazine has proved that it’s the home chef’s best friend, by giving more than 45 low-fat baking, vegetarian, grilling, regional and ethnic cuisine recipes packed in every issue. Its analysis and reviews of new best-selling cookbooks allows you to sample recipes from each before you buy.

Cooking Light is the primary cooking resource for creating healthy, nutritious and delicious kitchen-tested recipes for everyday living or special occasions.

Each issue’s quality content, offers detailed how-tos with detailed  photographic illustrations providing understanding about tool use and cooking techniques that will make every dish you create an award winner.

Cooking Light offers simple and easy dishes to make with ingredients readily available at your local grocery store.

There are reviews of food products, tools, equipment and gadgets.

Clearly written content explores iconic dishes, wines and cuisines of popular travel destinations.

A Menu Navigator helps you to select healthy choices from popular restaurants. New Uses for Everyday Ingredients offers alternative uses for common pantry ingredients.

While features offer seasonal cuisines, cooking instruction, the best holiday cooking tips and intriguing food world celebrity chef profiles.

Diabetic Cooking is dedicated to helping diabetics with their food management and dietary needs. It’s an effective teaching tool used by diabetes educators, health care givers, clinicians and nutritionists.

Diabetic Cooking helps you to create simple, healthy, great-tasting meals that meet current nutritional exchange guidelines.

It provides accurate nutritional information for each issue’s 50 quick fix recipes, illustrated with 25 full color photographs.

Cooking lessons are written with easy-to-follow instructions with illustrative photos.

Other topics covered include eating well, health tips, baking, shopping tips, seasonal meal planning, new insulin research issues, benefits of special foods, casual entertaining and appealing everyday dish makeovers that all family members can enjoy.

Taste of Home is America’s #1 cooking magazine geared for the beginner with a folksy tone and  common sense approach to family-pleasing meals and time-tested recipe favorites.

Each issue is filled with mouth-watering recipes illustrated with lavish, full color photography, printed on handy pull-out recipe cards.

These are kitchen-tested, delicious, family recipes made with readily obtained everyday ingredients.

Cost-saving menus, healthy dishes and casual entertaining guides help you plan quality meals while staying within your budget.

There are helpful cooking tips for single or two person meals, and budget-minded family home-style recipes. Recipes and techniques in Taste of Home are lavishly illustrated with full-color photos.