Donald Trump The Way To The Top book review


Author: Donald Trump
Publisher: Crown Business; First Edition
256 pages

You can tell a lot about any businessman by those he associates with. Donald Trump is no different. But His business associations and partnerships are high caliber. Donald Trump is a powerful corporate leader and a formidable opponent at the negotiation table, or while he’s pounding out a new deal fueled by his vision.

Iron sharpens iron
No matter the situation, Trump always clearly and loudly speaks his mind. What he says reveals who he is. But he doesn’t know everything. The old maxim of Iron Sharpens Iron holds true in Trump’s case. He is successful because of his passion and drive as he outlined in Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life

But he’s gained knowledge and wisdom by leveraged contacts, friendships and relationship, by actively listening to what his associates have to say.

Trump considers the experience of others to be gold, while anyone ignoring what their associates say is a fool. No matter how great your education, Trump says, there’s simply not enough time to rely on your own experience.

The pace of business life continues to increase. Ignoring the wit and wisdom of current and past business leaders results in many dangerous and expensive mistakes that could have avoided. Make too many fatal mistakes and you’re out of business, so it pays to learn.

Advice from 154 business leaders
What Trump has done in his book is ask 154 associates to answer the question: What’s the best advice you ever got? Their answers distilled into one or two paragraphs arranged alphabetically, provide valuable insight and allow you to tap into their reservoir of experience and knowledge.

These invaluable nuggets provide solid how-to advice on business success, from trailblazers with thriving American companies large and small, who made it to the boss’s chair.

From one-person small businesses owners to mega corporation leaders, these successful individuals provide solid advice on how to run your business: hire, fire, make decisions, communicate, learn and live. Some answers are mere fluff, and can be ignored.

Others are gold and should be treasured. Advice on making good decisions, personal conduct, developing your career, communicating with and leading teams effectively

Highly recommended
Any businessperson knows that learning never ends, and really begins the day you hang out your shingle. If you can gain just one nugget of wisdom from the many in this book, it’s worth a quick and enjoyable read.