Donald Trump Think Big and Kick Ass In Business and Life Book review

Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life
Donald J. Trump and Bill Zanker
Harper Collins, NY
368 pages
Nook E-Book
Donald Trump thinks big. He’s focused, aggressive and has a no nonsense view of business.

To Trump it’s all about The Deal. He thrives on it. His formula for success includes big sky-scraping goals and a passion to match.

Trump has no aversions to work, because his work is his passion and he never lets the pressure of his passion overcome his dreams.

The Donald learned a long time ago to focus on finding solutions, not waste time dwelling on problems, or why things won’t work. There’s always a solution, given enough time, energy and vision. And if somebody screws with you, screw him back.

Trump’s formula for success
Trump’s formula for success states: The best way to learn is through the history of successes and failures in your industry. See problems as a challenge to be overcome, instead of obstacles that mire you in the mud. Don’t dwell overmuch. Act.

Once you discover what you want to do and what drives you, pursue it and start doing it. Never wait for the “right time’ to begin or until you’re certain that you can achieve perfection. You learn more from doing than from anything else.

Develop the Big Mo
Trump suggests that you focus on specific goals with equal passion and intensity. You can either pursue something you’re already good at, or have the ability to become good at.

Knowledge is key. Get it any way you can, from libraries, online, the internet or on-the-job training. Bank it away. Every bit of knowledge you build on becomes another brick in your foundation, supporting lasting structures of the mind.

Know that you can succeed
Positive thinking is not merely wishful thinking. It’s all about incorporating optimism into everything you do or attempt, while acknowledging the negative. Be flexible and

Co-author Bill Zankler

Co-author Bill Zankler

adjust when things go wrong. Learn and move on. Expect setbacks and prepare for them. Don’t wail about how unfair it may be.

Expect setbacks and attacks and get revenge
As for setbacks or attacks by others, Trump holds nothing back when seeking revenge.

In his view, revenge is a shield. If your opponents know that you will attack them if attacked, they’ll think twice about attacking you in the first place. And even if they still do, Trump says to make them rue the decision.

As he says, folks always try to shoot the fastest gun, the one whose success makes him stand above the crowd. And he intends to stay the best. When he shoots back, it’s not to wound, but to crush and kill. Nobody messes with The Donald.

Trump’s passion for excellence and the deal
This is what drives Trump onward. It’s not so much the money. Trump has made and lost fortunes. And he knows that losing another is always possible. It’s the thrill of the hunt. He’ll never quit.

Never back down. Always be tough and aggressive. Think big. Seek the sky. That’s Donald Trump’s game plan.
Highly Recommended
If you’re in business, this book is a must read. Go get and read it now.