Pocket Hose seems to be a winner

Lugging a dirty, heavy, garden hose around the yard is every homeowner’s least favorite chore, ranking right up there with endless yard work. But Telebrands’ Pocket Hose claims that using it may make your home and garden general watering jobs easier.

The hose itself is lightweight and collapsible. It weighs about a pound and is easy to haul around your lawn or garden.

The hose’s most appealing feature is the way that it shrinks down to its original size when water is turned off. This is a major convenience for homeowners who dislike lugging heavy water hoses around the yard.

Described as the hose that grows, the Pocket Hose  grows when attached to a water faucet and the water is turned on, expanding to about 26 feet. While a bit too big to comfortably fit in a pocket, the hose will fit into the palm of your hand.

It expands to full size matching the length of a standard garden hose. The neat thing is that the hose contracts back to its original size when water pressure is turned off. It’s designed to be used anywhere you’d use a regular garden hose. And is available in 25, 50, 75 and 100-foot lengths. So it should reach most areas of an average yard.

Accordion construction allows it to expand
The Pocket Hose is designed like a heavy duty fire hose and has two layers, a durable, expandable rubber inner core with a bright green the folded accordion-like “tough’ protective outer cover, possibly vinyl.

The hose remains flexible, is kink resistant and has a money back guarantee. It resists kinking and bursting and does not lose flow when folded or twisted, which is always a problem with conventional watering hoses.

The hose has been touted by actor Richard Karn, whom you may remember as Al Borland from the Home Improvement TV show which ran for eight years from 1991-1999. Because of his association with tools, Karn is a natural for promoting the product, which you can see when the TV commercial airs.

The Pocket Hose is a good product and convenient. It’s light weight, kink and tangle resistant, ideal for watering your garden or flowers or washing your vehicle parked in the driveway.

It requires little storage space, about the size of a paint can, which is a big plus for your cluttered garage. Its retracting design eliminates the need to reel in a hose in after every use. It’s perfect for RVs and boats where storage space is at a premium

Tests run by Consumer Reports give it a pass on the no-kink and burst test, failing at 200 pounds per square inch (PSI). Most homes have 40-80 PSI. It produced the same water volume as a regular garden hose.

Customer reviews are running about 50-50 for and against.

One of the major complaints was that the product package lacked a customer service number. Yet when I called 1-855-235-2083, I reached an outsourced customer service rep eager to assist (available M-F 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time).

If you have doubts and are leery of getting hosed, buy the product on Amazon because they do offer and stand behind their products.

The contracting feature that occurs when water pressure is turned off creates a problem when you try to hook it to a lawn sprinkler.

Water must first be turned off when setting the sprinkler. But lack of pressure will drag the sprinkler back as the hose shrinks, and your sprinkler will follow Attempts to set your sprinkler with the water pressure on will result in a good soaking.

A good work-around might be to connect the hose to the sprinkler and close the hose’s built in shut off valve, so you can position the sprinkler with out fear of a shower.

Another downside is that should any part of the hose be damaged or develops leaks, repairs can’t be made
The manufacturer warns to keep the hose out of the sun when you aren’t using it. I suspect that the Pocket Hose is subject to damage by the sun’s UV rays. It’s also unclear as to how abrasion resistant the outer cover is.

I wouldn’t leave the hose exposed to the sun with water pressure on. Solar heating may cause the water inside the hose to heat causing a nasty surprise when you grab the hose and turn the flow control on.

The manufacturer also suggests that the hose be emptied and properly stored, and not be hung on a spigot in the sun.

The biggest downside may be the Pocket Hose’s plastic connectors
The biggest downside are the hose’s plastic connectors which aren’t as durable as metal. Using the hose may require more care. the hose shut off valve may be prone to breakage as seen in this video. If this happens to your hose, you may be able to use the fix this fella developed.


Filling your above ground swimming pool with the Pocket Hos may be problematic
Because the hose shrinks when water pressure fluctuates, this can cause it to leap right out of your above ground pool. To over come this, you’d need device to secure the hose in place with some sort of clamp.

Recommendation – it’s a winner
Despite some downsides, the Pocket Hose is a winner because it’s lightweight, flexible and convenient. I recommend it for general watering in your yard, garden and general cleaning tasks including washing the car. It does live up to its advertised claims.