Gilmour’s Flexogen Hose may be the last you’ll buy

Gilmour 10-34075 10 Series 3/4-Inch-by-75-Foot 8-Ply Flexogen Hose
With lawn and garden hoses, quality is what you pay for and expect to receive. With Gilmour garden and water hoses, quality is something you’ll never worry about, because the company has been developing and improving watering hoses since Robert Gilmour founded it in 1949.

Their motto is “The last hose you’ll ever buy.” And they’re not kidding. The company takes pride in its line of hose products and stands behind them with a solid lifetime warranty.

Gilmour’s Flexogen Hose sets the industry standard
Flexogen© is Gilmour’s patented 8-ply construction method that has set the standard for quality in garden hoses, long been recognized by gardeners and professional landscapers.

Its an exceptionally rugged and strong material that withstands hot and cold temperatures without a problem. It’s lightweight, flexible, easy to coil, resists kinks, abrasions, stains, mildew and handles nicely in any weather.

It’s used in manufacturing Gilmour’s hoses and hose accessories, including soaking, space-saving marine or commercial-grade rubber hoses.

Gilmour’s Flexogen Hose features a two-layer, polyester-cord-reinforced, high-burst-strength construction. The hose remains soft and extremely flexible even at subfreezing temperatures. It also resists weather damage, fungus, and atmospheric pollution and abrasion. Every hose has crush resistant brass couplings.

Sizes and available lengths include

Here are the hose specifications

  • 8-ply construction
  • 500 PSI burst strength
  • Double tire cord reinforced for strength
  • Lightweight, coils and handles easily
  • Flow Guard Plus™ protective collar on 5/8″ and 1/2″ hoses resists kinks at faucet
  • Heavy-duty, crush resistant, Full -Flo® machined metal couplings
  • on 1″.3/4″.5/8″ with built-in washer for tight sealing
  • Kink resistant
  • Polished surface resists abrasions, stains, and mildew


Some positive customer reviews

“You only need so many hoses around the house and you might as well make them good ones.”

“Give up the cheap garbage and buy a real hose.”

“Having tried other hoses that were supposed to be resistant to kinking, this is the first one that lives up to the name”

“GREAT HOSE – Built like a tank but rolls out straight.”


You’ll won’t get hosed by a bad Warranty from Gilmour
One thing to consider when buying a garden hose is the manufacturer’s warranty. You’ll soon discover that cheaper hoses offer a 5 year warranty, if that, while more expensive hoses carry a lifetime warranty.

Gilmour offers one.

I verified this recently when I called the company in Peoria, IL and spoke to a customer service rep. She confirmed that Gilmour has a lifetime warranty on its hose products. All you have to do is cut off a two-inch section from each end of any defective and mail it back to the company. You can verify this your self by calling Gilmour at  1. 800.458.0107.

Happy hosing!