The Forever Comfy cushion may not last forever

The Forever Comfy cushion is a product that in my opinion should stay on TV.

The Forever Comfy Cushion is a product that is manufactured in “the USA or elsewhere.” It’s been advertised to provide maximum comfort and make every chair in your home, office or car more comfortable, because of a Gel Core surrounded by two layers of foam placed inside soft fleece and is claimed to keep your bottom cool in summer and warm in winter.

Well, lightweight, and portable are the only claims that I can agree with. I was thinking of getting one to review here, but decided against it, because I’m not seeing any praise for it online.

Here are some notable quotes about how the Forever Comfy cushion holds up:
“ If this product took more than 75 cents to manufacture, I would call them a liar.”  Greg

“ I’m a big guy 250lbs. and the size of the seat fits my wife perfectly (she is 120lbs)… So for a guy over 200 don’t waste your money. “ JD

“One late night watching TV, foolishly I called in and ordered these pillows from a television commercial. It was a buy 1 and get 1 free deal. So I ordered 2 with the expectations of getting 2 free pillows along with the 2 ordered. I was charged a total of $79.70 for two pillows, 2 free pillows and the shipping/handling. Not real happy that my shipping charges were so high that I paid almost $19.93 for each pillow. Not only do I feel ripped off, they really are poor quality, too small for average office chair, and have no effect on comfort level. Lesson Learned! I hope it saves someone else a few dollars.”  gmafaye-

“I got 2 of these about 2 weeks ago and they are now as flat as pancakes. The foam refuses to expand to it original thickness. So, they are useless now as cushions. I will frame them to remind me how dumb I was to buy them.”  – Chipper  

So if you want to risk buying this questionable cushion that may not be worth anything at all, I suggest you buy it through Amazon. At least you can get free shipping and seek a refund is you become dissatisfied.

As a big guy myself, I can identify with the other fellow whose bottom dwarfed the cushion and was decidedly uncomfortable. I just can’t recommend this product. So buyer beware.

Perhaps in the future this company may improve this product. For now, I won’t recommend it.

Buyer beware.