All about Gotta Have It Product Reviews

Thousands of products are rolled out each year, but how can you tell if they’re any good?
Review image thumbs up downI’m just like you, I really like gadgets, new inventions, new products and improvements on existing ones.

So I created this site, where I review a wide spectrum of products that I think are interesting, valuable and worth your money to buy. By reading this site regularly, you’ll know which products to buy with your hard-earned money. and which to avoid, because I’ll provide you with the lowdown on each one.


You can gain from my experience and save time and money
I’ve got a small business background but I’m also a consumer. I know something about how products are created and marketed. But I know all too well about being ripped off by shoddy products that fall apart after just a short bit of a time, or never work at all. So, If I can help you to buy a good product and avoid the pitfalls, then I’ve succeeded.
Reviewing the good, the bad and the uglyImage result for good, bad & ugly

How will I review them? It’s not possible to buy everything to review. Some products I’ll buy for my personal use and give you long-term evaluations.

Others I’ll test drive, tell you what happened and provide results of how the product did or didn’t measure up.

Still others I’ll research and write the results in an easy-to-read format.

Every review will fall into a category that you can see on the top of this page. As the numbers of posted reviews increase, I’ll add more categories. My goal is to provide a platform that will help save you time, aggravation and money.

If you have any questions about the site, or have thought of a product you want me to review, please contact me or leave a comment.